Az arrogáns sötétség kultúrája

Szép napot! Megvolt a nap mikor borult a bili és gurult a gyógyszer - elég volt! Az alábbi bejegyzés angolul van, lehet, hogy hibás, de üssekő, így küldözgettem el az angol napilapoknak. Valami bűzlik Angliában (is). Hogy miért teszem be a UK-Magyarország blogba? Azért mert a magunk kis defektjei (hungarikum hülyeség) mellé még importáltunk is egy adag ostobaságot a szabad világból az utóbbi 25 évben. Bravo.

As a rather unhappy NHS worker I can't help but writing this since today was one of THOSE days when one says, ''enough is enough!”. You can throw this letter to your Junk Mail folder or take two minutes to read it. I'd appreciate the latter.


The day started with having a patient who got a ticket for parking in front of the practice, where visible signs indicate that no unauthorized cars are permitted. PCT and disabled persons only, it says. He came back red in the head, shouting and pointing fingers, demanding that we pay the fine for him as it the practice's responsibility to warn people of the prohibition. ??? Are we the ones to explain drivers with a valid licence the rules of the road now? He went on insulting and pushing the concierge, the parking guard, myself, and clearly, he felt indignant that he cannot just leave his BMW wherever he fancies. That was the cherry on top on a week when another woman threatened our receptionist that she would kick her head in if she does not get an appointment. Would you believe that we have our fair share of similar insults every day? If not over parking then over missed appointments, outstanding balances, late arrivals, not being seen immediately, and so on. Everybody is to blame but them. At least the majority speaks English, greater is the “fun” when they are outraged but totally incomprehensible...


I find it disgraceful that society tolerates such upsetting and frightening behaviour. The other day a woman punched the doctor in the throat because he did not recommend her the treatment she, probably highly clinical herself, imagined she needed. Are we to put up with such aggression? It's not the thing the media choses to give coverage to, is it?


Can you imagine my disgust when I read all that bad publicity on the malfunctioning NHS, its incompetence, and the struggles of all that poor-poor victimized people? There might be a grain of truth behind it, there are faults and mistakes everywhere, no doubt about it, but let me tell you something:


It is the idiotic leniency of our society that tolerates, even celebrates stupidity, arrogance, and irresponsibility that make hard-working people just want to sit down in the corner and bang their heads against the wall. It is our world where telephones are now smarter than their owners. It is the self-appointed defenders of human rights who tear their hair out over their protégés' misery and start smearing workers but cannot be bothered to spend a day in the line of fire, moreover, would not survive a bloody shift in our position. Not that because it's so complicated but because it can be so humiliating. And have mercy on us when they spring into action.


You see, my father used to tell me half jokingly that he had come to the point where he'd give credit only some aborigin in the middle of Africa for having brains. Why? Because if that man repeatedly makes mistakes he will a) be shot in some war; b) starve to death; c) be eaten by a lion. He cannot allow himself the luxury of being stupid and lazy. He does not have legal representatives to turn to with his whining and the commodity of a social welfare which he can blame for his own ignorance.


What do we do? We've developed a culture where personal responsibilities are constantly pushed on to someone else. Where there are no consequences of your actions because however moronic you are, you can always point fingers to some legal loophole or to some other person and get away with it with your outraged, retarded pomposity. Blame it on them! If banging the table does not help right away, cry discrimination, that's always a solid argument. To the hell with common sense, civil obligations, considerations and duties! Don't think, just do it! Do it loud and without a hint of guilt or self-reflection.


And it seems to me that more and more people opt for this comfortable method of justifying their injured ego: the poor, the affluent, all colours, faiths, ages, classes equally represent themselves. Spot them in Tesco's, in NHS, on the road, in the schools, at the drycleaner, in the fanciest restaurants. I honestly don't understand what this world is coming to: it's unacceptable to say 'coloured' instead of 'black' nowadays but any other aggression, brawls, rude manners and simply being textbook s-t-u-p-i-d in public are not spat on. Why not?


So us, who chose to pull the weight, have to protect ourselves with contracts, policies, signs and warnings, warranties, insurances and good lawyers just in case, and keep spending our valuable time and energy thinking up potential threats from lousy parents, dumb customers, reckless drivers, careless patients, whatnot. Our civilization is digging its own grave with our drooling dependence on applications, automatic reminders, compensations, freebies, with the “there's always a second chance you beautiful piece of humankind” attitude and we stand there puzzled when academic results and employers' work ethic feedbacks don't confirm us that we are the brightest little stars in the universe. Hey-ho Great Democratic West! Sustainable mental development!


I myself am not willing to waste my brain and sense of obligation in the community for a life of hypocritical liberal pampering and arrogant self-importance. My manufacturer's settings are not like that, sorry. I insist on being treated normally. I insist on living in a society whose members MUST think twice before opening their mouth. Also, I'm pretty sure that there are quite a few diligent clock punchers, conscientious parents and people of poor health out there who are getting really fed up with losing their rights to the viceroys of legalized sloth and ignorance.


Best regards,